Assembling of tungsten carbide products, refurbishing of old drill bits is some of the main services we offer selling our products to a number of the major conveyor belt manufacturing and mining companies within Australia. With the potential to market our products to a wider, international marketplace. Current sales are to conveyor belt maintenance companies, conveyor belt manufactures and drilling companies.

With recent developments with new customers within Chile and Latin America.

Da Gama Industries also provides this service to companies that don’t have induction brazing facilitie.

We manufacture Stainless steel conveyor belt cleaners ours being a unique and higher quality product that significantly increases the life of the cleaner, reduces down time associated with the lesser quality mild-steel scrapers which are used throughout the world and outlasts any other scraper currently in the market.

Manufacturing  2,000 conveyor belt cleaners in 10 different types per month while also manufacturing 11,000 drill bits per month in 15 different sizes and shapes for the mining industry.
Using induction brazing of TUNGSTEN carbide to develop conveyor belt cleaners and mining industry consumables that are durable and of high quality. We also refurbishes used drill bits and reamers which provide a cheaper alternative that still has good durable characteristics


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